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Floating World

Floating World is a fully simultaneous deck-builder set in feudal Japan. Featuring over 250 beautifully restored pieces of Ukiyo-e artwork. Get your copy now!

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Philosophia: Floating World is quick to learn but contains deep strategy. The game plays over three repeating phases which are all played fully simultaneously. There is zero downtime in this game as it is always your turn!

The Draw Phase

The draw phase is simultaneous and contains a unique "I cut you choose" mechanism never used in this way in a deckbuilding game. In the draw phase, you take six cards from your opponent's deck. You discard one of your choice and separate the remaining five into two piles, one containing three cards and the other containing two. You then take the two piles given to you and choose one pile to play this round, discarding the other pile.


The Collect Phase

In the collect phase, players simultaneously take items from the cards in their hands. These items are indicated in the green boxes in the bottom left of the location cards.


The Action Phase

In the action phase, players simultaneously take the actions available to them in this round. There are numerous actions available and this is where the majority of the game occurs. Actions are indicated by the icons in the red boxes on location cards and with icons on the mainboard and your player board.

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